Protect against bacteria and germs with Ceramic ProCoat

Protect against bacteria and germs with Ceramic ProCoat

Protect your friends, family and crew by preventing the growth of bacteria on ‘high traffic’ surfaces and reduce infection causing bacteria on surfaces.

1.     Ultimate Protection

Once applied, 2MS Ceramic Procoat with Biomaster proactively disrupts the growth of harmful bacteria on treated surfaces such as those common in food poising. Biomaster has also be tested and proven to reduce levels of E. coli, MRSA and Legionella by over 99%.

2.     Long Lasting

Biomaster is built into Ceramic Procoat and will not wear off or leach out making it fully effective for the lifetime of the coating, 2MS Ceramic Procoat has fully backed warranty for up to 4 years.

3.     Coast and time effective

Biomaster works 24/7 to protect surfaces saving time and costs needed for cleaning and disinfecting as well as protecting again wear and tear.

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We have selected the following accessories to provide you with the full kit you need to apply the 2MS product range to your marine vessel. These are the products our team use, rely upon and recommend to achieve the best form of application. 


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