Protect against bacteria and germs with Ceramic ProCoat

Protect your friends, family and crew by preventing the growth of bacteria on ‘high traffic’ surfaces and reduce infection causing bacteria on surfaces. 1.     Ultimate Protection Once applied, 2MS Ceramic Procoat with Biomaster proactively disrupts the growth of harmful bacteria on treated surfaces such as those common in food poising. Biomaster has also be tested …

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Goodbye bacteria, Hello Biomaster!

Protect your vessel against harmful bacteria with Biomaster antimicrobial technology.  1.     What is Biomaster? Ideal for surfaces in high traffic environments, Biomaster is added to our 2MS Ceramic Procoat and 2MS Easy Protect making them ‘contact active’ meaning no bacteria or germ can survive on the surface. 2.     What is antimicrobial? Antimicrobal inhibit the growth …

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