5 ways to protect and preserve the beauty of your yacht

5 ways to protect and preserve the beauty of your yacht

Polishing your vessel does more than just make it look good, it helps protect from dirt and debris, extends the life of your paintwork and give that perfect mirror finish.

1.    A layer of protection

Ceramic coatings are a low maintenance, cost effective way to protect your vessel from the harshest of conditions under and above water. Once applied, you have a fully backed warranty of up to 4 years. Head to our previous blog post ‘Protecting your boat against the elements to read more about how ceramic coatings can protect your vessel.

2.     Use a high quality wash solution

Be gentle! A gentle washing solution like 2MS Biowash will actively maintain the protective wax layers in your paintwork while increasing lubricity to minimise the risk of inflicting fine scratches.

3.     What’s on the inside counts!

Don’t forget to protect your interiors. Your boat may be sparking from the outside, but it is just as important to protect your fabrics, glass and leather to maintain the highest quality finish. 2MS Fabric Protector repels stains and liquids to keep your fabrics cleaner for longer.

4.     Look beneath the surface

A lot of damage can occur beneath the surface of the water, out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind! Accumulation of algae and shells will lead to fouling on the hull as well as saltwater causing serious corrosion.

5.      Take time and care

Take the time to prepare your boat for harsh conditions before it’s too late, find the highest quality products and take care to maintain your vessels shine. Use of protective coatings will reduce cleaning time significantly in the long run making it easier for you to preserve the perfect shine!


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